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This website is brought to you by the law offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and associates, a leading name in Los Angeles criminal defense. Criminal Law is a vast and wide subject that is not very easy to master. That is why expert criminal defense lawyers are so rare. In the Sate of California and the County of Los Angeles, criminal law is strictly upheld and the trials are often very severe. The amount of convictions are on the rise but there are many cases where the defendant could've received a lesser sentence and in some cases there were scopes of the charges being dropped altogether. But due to the lack of a good criminal defense lawyer, the defendant was the one who ultimately had to face the loss.

We are here to change this scenario and give you the opportunity to hire Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers who have been defending criminal charges for the past 30 years and more. At the law offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and associates, you will receive the right consultation and will be able to engage experienced lawyers to defend you in the state criminal court.

Our lawyers are in the know of the all the resources that may be used in your favor and they are also aware of all the motions that may nullify the evidences against you, on constitutional grounds. Hence you will have a stronger defense and a motivated attorney who will defend you aggressively to get you the lowest possible sentence or an acquittal.

The law offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and associates also have prolonged experience in defending federal criminal charges. The federal court and judicial system are vastly different from the state criminal court and judicial system. If you are faced with a federal offense, you need to hire our lawyers to make sure that you are well protected. Our federal defense lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in handling a federal agency prosecution.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers have over 3 decades of experience in defending criminal charges like DUI/DWI, Juvenile crimes, White Collar crimes, Theft crimes, Federal Crimes, Sex Crimes and other common criminal charges like probation violation and bench warrants.

At the law offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and associates we give you hope and assurance of protection by providing you with competent lawyers who have prior experience in handling the charges held against you. With our lawyers, you are assured of a strong defense that will greatly put the case in your favor.

The lawyers at Ramiro J. Lluis and associates always work actively with the client to build a persuasive argument in the client's favor. They keep track of all the evidences against you and all the circumstances that surrounded the scene and time of the crime. By carefully analyzing the available data with their in depth legal knowledge and experience, they are able to move the court and the jury in your favor. Thus you are assured of a fair hearing and a reduced sentence.

We are always at you service, call us today for a consultation.

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